Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Cleaner Who Returned N12m Narrates Her Story

The story of Josephine Agwu shows that with the existence of wise and humble Nigerians, the country will not only survive but also prosper.

Miss Agwu works as a cleaner with Patovilki, a concessionaire handling the cleaning of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Vanguard starts. On her ordinary working day the woman found $28,000 and other foreign currencies totaling about N12m in one of the toilets. She never kept this money and did not even think about it, but refunded the whole sum to the owner.
Josephine confesses she has no regrets over her decision as she is sure it was the right one.
Interestingly, the woman was badly mocked in social media by some users who called her mad and silly.
The Lagos State House of Assembly, last Monday, concluded plans to invite and honour Ms Agwu. While her employer increased her salary from N7,800 to N15,000 monthly.
Cleaner Who Returned N12m Narrates Her Story
Josephine Agwu never hesitated and immediately returned the money to the owner
Speaking about the consequences of her decision, the cleaner said:
“On the part of my management, they are happy, all my supervisors. In short, they are doing good things for me. Now, they carry me like egg, even my MD.”
When the owner returned after his money, he counted and realized that the whole sum was present, he simply looked at Agwu and walked away. For the woman, it was already the third time she had returned lost bags with big money inside.
Cleaner Who Returned N12m Narrates Her Story
Some considered Josephine Agwu mad
Josephine Ugwu revived the experience and spoke about her feelings:
“I am from Enugu State, from Obonkpa in Nsukka Local Government. I live at Agbotukunyo in Agege. The incident happened on the 23rd of January 2015. I was on morning duty. So as I was sweeping around 6:30pm, I saw the bag on the ground and there were some passengers there so I thought that the bag could belong to one of them. But as I closed at 7:20pm, the person to relieve me on duty came that time.”
Cleaner Who Returned N12m Narrates Her Story
Humanitarian organization,Voice of Change Network Int’l, March 9 visited Miss Agwu
“I was going to the toilet again, I saw the same bag there. Then I told the passengers sitting there that they should be mindful of the bag because once they announce the flight they may forget it. They replied that the bag did not belong to them. Three of the passengers left, so I then picked the bag and took it to the FAAN security people. At first, they put the bag on the screening machine, before they opened the bag and discovered that there were many envelops in the bag containing money in different currencies including dollars.
Cleaner Who Returned N12m Narrates Her Story
Humanitarian organization,Voice of Change Network Int’l, March 9 visited Miss Agwu
“As they were counting it, I saw an NDLEA woman accompanied by one man and both of them were coming towards us. They said that the man could be the owner of the bag. So when they came in, they interviewed the man and the man mentioned the amount of money and the colour of the bag. Before then, they had counted the money and it was exactly the amount that the man said.
Cleaner Who Returned N12m Narrates Her Story
Josephine Agwu at work
“Then they carried the money and gave to the man for him to count. After counting, they asked him if the money was complete, he said yes and they snapped him picture. They asked him again about three times and they told the man that, ‘look at the woman that picked your bag’, and the man was looking at me. His name is Mr. Obinna Samuel. They told him that he should thank his God that if it were another person, that person would have run away with the bag but this woman didn’t do that. So I left and the man took the money and put inside the bag and went away.
Cleaner Who Returned N12m Narrates Her Story
The humble worker worth of emulation
“Then FAAN [Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria] security personnel called me back, and they took my number On-Duty-Card (ODC) and my name. That was how it happened. People are praising me, FAAN said that they are going to give me automatic employment but I have not heard from them till now.”
Patovilki administration represented by Mrs. Eunice Anumudu, Manager, Airport Zone, said in the interview given over the weekend:
“Since the incident, people have been reacting to it and they have been praising her for what she has done, and that she did well and several people have been calling her.
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